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We specialize in Outsourcing Solutions for your Business that is Cost Effective while maintaining the high Quality you need.

  •  Web Development
    • Software Architecture
    • Web Applications
    • Cloud Development
  • Back Office
    • Data and Document Management
    • Data Entry
    • Call Support
    • Web Research


Structured or Un-Structured

What are structured or un-structured data you may ask?

Structured data can be thought of data that are in a spreadsheet or in a database format, no matter if they are digital files or physical files.  Structured data can also be data that have easily detectable patterns.

Unstructured data files are files that have information but are not yet in a tabular form.  Some example of this are documents, agreements, forms, etc.

During this extraction process, we take the data and convert them into a database format so they will be easier to understand and analyze.  Because not one scenario fits everyone’s needs, custom processes are created and tailored for you.

We Work With
  • Digital Databases
  • Digital Files
  • PDF Files
  • Scanned Documents
  • Physical or Hardcopies
Our Specialties
  • File Conversions
  • Hard copies to digital files
  • PDF to Excel/Word
  • Database Conversions
  • Custom Tables


Finding Stories and Downsizing your Data

The data that you have are like the words within a book.  Re-arrange the words and you will get a stories.  You can think of this as Analytics.

Forensics is like finding and understanding the meanings to the stories.

Even though they mean differently, Analytics and Forensics play hand in hand.

At Datum RC, Analytics and Forensics are used to downsize the information you have to extract only the important bits of information.

Through close collaboration, we develop custom solutions tailored to your needs to extract and to easily find the important pieces of your data.


Dealing with Financial Digital Faxes? We can automate it with FPML.



Industries We Collaborate With

  • Litigation Firms
  • Financial Firms
  • Legal Firms and Services
  • CPA Firms
  • Oil and Energy Sector
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate

If you work with data, we can help you.

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